Good morning

It is the second day of HOPE. And I am blogging right from my bed. Just got a few hours of sleep, ready to get the second day of HOPE started. *yawn* first I gotta wait for the shower to be free
-Bunni3 – 9:30am – second day of HOPE

That’s (almost) it for the first day of HOPE

It’s now past midnight. Right now behind me I hear the chiptunes and circuit bending concert.

It’s been a rocky day for us, but I think we got there. Thank you, listeners, for listening and we hope you enjoy Radio Statler, and will stay tuned in for the next 2 days.

Looking around me, I’m pretty amazed at what was reached in the past 24 hours. We got a studio booth, which was a trial to get up. I can’t believe that yesterday around this time, there was next to nothing here.

Be sure to stay tuned in after the concert, we’ll have 26 0′cl0ck and snuggles guerrilla radio. After that music and one or two talks that got recorded today.
– MadJo

How important is a voice?

Because I’m on the verge of losing my voice. Bah. Oh well nerd on!

Radio Statler! signs on

It’s started. The Next HOPE has dawned on New York. And, so has Radio Statler! Continuous streaming from the HOPE expo floor, kicked off at 9:00 am with a great music lineup.

Stay tuned as the rest of the awesome Radio Statler programing heads your way.

– [dot]Ret

Setting up

Sitting here at the con…. yes just sitting here. Our booth just now left D.C. on its way here. Set up is going to take all night. *sad face*

Update: 8:44AM
Big ups to the people that worked through the night to build the booth. Still working on getting things live… People are running around like their heads are on fire.

Update: 9:00AM
And we’re Up!

Finally in New York

That was an awful flight, thanks Iberia. Annoying schoolkids sitting with 4 or 5 in seats only suited for 2, and then their shouting, their pushing and them sitting in seats that weren’t even meant to be sat in (broken seatbelts on those seats or something).
But after 9 gruesome hours, I arrived in NYC yesterday evening.

It’s definitely an interesting place, and quite a bit daunting/scary for the sleep deprived. Next stop: Hotel Pennsylvania. Provided I don’t get lost on the way.

- 07/15/2010 – MadJo — still somewhat on Dutch time.

Off The Hook Part 2

Radio Statler! triumphantly returned to Off The Hook this week with not only myself, but Nikgod and Bunni3!

That's Nikgod to the left - no, no - behind the mic with the sweet yellow windscreen.

Bunni3 Rocking Out In The WBAI Studios

All manners of HOPE were discussed and we were able to further hock both RS! and our plans. Like last week it was a great time with a good group of people. For this weekend, you should come to HOPE – or at least listen to RS!, call in and chat on our IRC room. Come next week though, you should tune into Off The Hook every Wednesday at 7PM ET for an entertaining and informative show.

And with that I sign off for the night to drop Bunni3 off in her quarters (darko means his couch – Bunni3 edit) and retire to my own.

Good night, and see you in the morrow.

Radio Statler! signs on in 33 hours!

-Darko 7/15 – 00:00

Hack The Planet

As we get closer and closer to HOPE, I keep finding more occasions where I’m talking to people about how I’m spending my July. In doing so, I eventually noticed that as I was talking about HOPE, I was defending it and hacking in general. Why? Because it’s clear that many people still have a negative view of hackers and hacking… when they hear the word “hacker,” images of a sleazy dude stealing their identity and buying HDTVs on their credit fills their mind.

With this realization, I resolved to stop defending by default. I’ll still talk about what hacking means to me when someone asks or makes an off comment about hackers or me attending the con, but otherwise, I’ll just treat it as everyday life… defending by default only makes it seem like something sketchy is going on, when in fact hacking and hackers are an important balance point in our technology culture. We hack to ensure our freedom with regards to technology in a rapidly changing world, and that philosophy should be shared – which is what, to me, makes the HOPE concept such a cool one.

-abztrakt, 7/14

Virgin to the subways

I got into NY 12 hours ago. Been all over the place since. Hope everyone got to hear RS back on OTH this week. :)
So today Darko had the chance to introduce me to public transit. Amusing it was.
We are on are way home to sleep currently.
-Bunni3 – 07/14/10 – have been awake for 42 hours….halp meh!

What’s this bandwagon I keep hearing about?

I grew up in the early days of personal computers and always had an affinity for tinkering with them, but I’ve always wondered how my life would’ve been different if I’d been around others doing the same. We were so far out in the boonies that I was fairly insulated from information about BBS’s or phreaking. I didn’t even have a computer with a modem until I went to college in the big city. This weekend at H.O.P.E. should be a little taste of what it would’ve been like having people to actually talk with, learn from, and bounce ideas off of.

I’ll be there in less than 24 hours… looking forward to seeing everyone!

-abztrakt, 7/14

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