What is Radio Statler!

At the center of the summer’s top hacker event will be a small isolation booth and a big voice. Radio Statler is a community-driven broadcast covering the three days of Hope. We’ll debate the finer points of technology and humanity as well as have speakers from the conference.

The station will give additional talk and interview time to the conference’s speakers, broadcast the keynotes and other popular seminars, and offer the attendees who don’t speak at the podium a chance to share their ideas.

Program and content submissions are still being taken. If you have any ideas, would like to host a show on Radio Statler!, or would like to volunteer with Radio Statler! send an email to radio@hope.net.

The History of Radio Statler!

“Radio Statler!” is a reference to the hotel where The Last HOPE Conference is held. Now called The Hotel Pennsylvania, it was originally named The Statler Hotel. Since we’re trying to make an old fashioned kind of station with all original content and real people manning it around the clock, it seemed appropriate to pay homage to the rich history of radio with a nod to the station that used to be where we’re holding our conference. The word order, “Radio Statler,” rather than “Statler Radio,” is a nod to the early European pirate stations like Radio Caroline.

Radio Statler Color VU Logo