Radio Statler! – A streaming radio project at The Next HOPE

At the center of the summer’s top hacker event will be a small isolation booth and a big voice. “Radio Statler!” as the station is called, will transmit what amounts to a three day broadcast of all original material from the center of Manhattan. Around the clock discussions of the past, present, and future of technology, creativity, and humanity itself will pack the schedule.

Radio Statler! pictures

Radio Statler! crew, please contact us if you upload picture of Radio Statler! so we can link to them.
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Thank You!

It’s Monday and almost 1 PM, all our volunteers have departed, the equipment is gone from the hotel, and Bunni3 is on her way back to the Midwest. As I prepare to depart New York City and head across the river I’d like to take a minute to say a few things to all of you. Firstly, I want to say to our volunteers, thank you both from Radio Statler! and from Arca, Bunni3, Nikgod, myself. You all did amazing work and made it possible for us to pull off the near impossible – a hacked together radio station in the middle of the largest hacker con on the east coast that could rival any professional station! You all are the key to Radio Statler!’s success and we love and appreciate you all for what you do.

Next I’d like to thank the HOPE/2600 staff for the amazing con that they put on, for all the work they do behind the scenes, for keeping the hacker community alive and connected, and for giving us all a place to relax and be in a world of similar minds every two years. And of course, for allowing us to come back this year and bring the voice of HOPE to the world once again.

Finally, I’d like to thank you – our listeners. Having you all tune in, hearing how much you love the station when you call in, chat in IRC, and stop by the booth – it makes all the work, all the planning worth it.

Now that HOPE is over, we’d like to remind you that our website will remain up and all the audio from the con will be posted for download in the next two weeks. We will continue to be around in the IRC chat room – if we are away or not answering, send us a PM. And of course, you can always E-mail us at

If you want more hacker radio, tune into Off The Hook every Wednesday at 7pm on WBAI or online at http ://

On that note, I’m pulling away from the front entrance of the Hotel Pennsylvania to head back to New Jersey. Once again, thank you everyone. I can’t wait to see you all in two years an in the meantime get involved, learn all you can, and keep hacking. RADIO STATLER LIVES!


Off The Hook on Radio Statler!

Special broadcast of Off The Hook is playing right now on Radio Statler! (right now being few minutes after 5pm eastern time on Saturday)
Click on listen and join in!