Radio Statler

"Radio Statler!"

"Radio Statler!" is a reference to the hotel where The Last HOPE Conference will be held. Now called The Hotel Pennsylvania, it was originally named The Statler Hotel. We were going to call it "Radio HOPE!," but a lot of people seem to like that name and are already using it. Then we found out The Statler Hotel had a radio station on the top floor, and that by the time it was renamed Hotel Pennsylvania the radio station was gone. Since we're trying to make an old fashioned kind of station with all original content and real people manning it around the clock, it seemed appropriate to pay homage to the rich history of radio with a nod to the station that used to be where we're holding our conference. The word order, "Radio Statler," rather than "Statler Radio," is a nod to the early European pirate stations like Radio Caroline.


Station Manager - LexIcon
Chief Engineer - Nikgod
Program Director - Al Strowger

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