State Of The Station 2012

We are getting the statistics, but we had well over 100 listeners this time around. On the contect side nearly all of the hackerspaces and groups represented at HOPE came by and hopped on air to talk about their projects and their upcoming plans. Off The Hook made a return appearance, and several speakers stopped by to answer questions. We learned from our past mistakes and successes and make our new plans accordingly. While we can stil improve, this was by far our best year yet. A big part of this was all the help and involvement from other groups at the con - particularly Networking, Registration, Info Desk, A/V, and Video.
While we have many special people whose help makes Radio Statler possible, there are a few who stepped above and beyond to help out and deserve special recognition. First, Beach - our production director. Beach was a first time attendee of HOPE. He would up stepping up to handle editing all of the shows and not only did as he was asked, he owned the position and took it upon himself to make sure content was handled and up in a timely fashion, along with pulling selected content for an easter egg and later use. Second, we have Vader. This was the first HOPE for Vader as well. Vader jumped in feet first, manning the booth for the majority of the con, chipping in where needed, and performing interviews with no notice. Lastly, we need to thank JohnnyXmas. He spend the weekend running around spreading the word about Radio Statler and getting awesome content for air. Further, when the talk stream was having issues on Friday, JohnnyXmas got interesting people on the air with no notice and ran the ensuing interview and show. Kudos to all three of you for your amazing work.
Additionally, a big thank you to the HOPE staff for putting on an amazing conference and giving us space to come back for a third appearance. The con went really smoothly this year, with new workshops, groups, and contests making the experience that much richer for attendees.
I also want to thank the staff of Radio Statler, Bunni3Burn, Nikgod, and Stoppay. Without their work before and during the con - none of this would be possible. And having done it three times, we can tell you - it's a bit of work and stress. However, we wouldn't trade it for the world because it is worth the effort.
That brings us to the most important people to thank - you the listeners. All this work is validated by the comments we get from you. We see them in IRC, on the forums, and in our inboxes - we read them all. Thank you for your appreciation and thank you for listening to us during the con. You all are our favorites.
Now we enter the lull where we recover and prepare to start up in a few months with initial planning and outreach. We want your feedback and would love your involvement. Our contact information is listed below, feel free to reach out to us at any time with comments, suggestions, ideas, and offers of help. Until then, take care everyone and remember - Radio Statler Lives!

IRC: #radio-statler